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"I cannot do all the good that the world needs.

But the world needs all the good that I can do".

Do Something Great

Coach Jones prepared me to accomplish the biggest goal I had for years. A few years back I was scheduled to get on stage and compete in the NPC ( National Physique Competition) bikini category few weeks before the competition I had a coach who pushed me to the extreme, as a result, I injured my knee and hip giving me no choice to withdrawal myself from competing. I was devastated all that hard work I felt was in vain, so I gave up training, but continued to go to the gym to stay fit and eat healthy Until I met Coach Jones. I felt comfortable from day one. I explained what I wanted to accomplish as this was  "unfinished business" He didn't push me to the extreme, he customized my meals and my workouts targeting areas I needed for the show. On May 21st my dream came to fruition. I got on stage and brought a medal home. It was an incredible journey. My "unfinished business" completed. Thank you coach Jones for believing in me, for your motivation, for mentally coaching me.

For now I'm taking a break. He is getting me ready for my next challenge.

Dianna, Owner of South Beach Beauty Academy

Working with Coach Jones was one of the best fitness decisions I’ve made. I’ve been in the gym for the last 10 years but having a coach to direct me and hold me accountable with check-ins made the process that much easier.The nutrition and workout programs were precise and tailored to my needs. I started seeing results after the first week or two of the program. I’ve lost 23 lbs while increasing muscle mass and maintaining my strength. I’ve also gained new insights on training and nutrition that I will continue to utilize going forward. 


I highly recommend Coach Jones. 


Client Transformation - 14.png

If you are looking for a TRAINER here he is!! I signed up for one of Coach Caleb’s programs and these are my results after just 2 months of consistency and discipline! Coach Caleb took time to answer all questions, tailor my workouts and customize my meal plans to help meet my goals. Outside of losing weight and building muscle I wanted to learn how to work out on my own, because stopping and starting has been a struggle. However his program has helped me build life habits and solid sustainable routines to achieve that goal. If you really want it , he will definitely work with you until you achieve your desired health results . I encourage you to Invest in your health with DELAVIEWS and DO SOMETHING GREAT!You will be glad you did.


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